It is important while we enhance our happy house,

we don't hurt our happy earth!


The yarn used to make DittoHouse products utilizes pre- and post- consumer textile waste. The waste cotton materials are expertly sorted by color and de-fiberized to be spun into new yarns. Since this ingenious process uses materials which have already been dyed, no new dying is needed to create these yarns! There are many benefits to these beautiful sustainable fibers:


  • Recycled cotton requires no new dyes, which eliminates water waste and harmful chemical run-off.

  • Recycled cotton requires no new cotton farming which eliminates land use, water irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Recycled Cotton utilizes materials that would have otherwise ended up incinerated or in a landfill which ameliorate the impact on our planet.

  • Recycled cotton saves our precious resources.